case studies

Distribution Hub in Hong Kong – the pathway to expanding sales and improving customer service in the APAC region

Our client, a leader in developing Molecular Testing Applications in the Biotechnology industry listed in two major world stock exchange, faced challenges with logistics and distribution in Asia. They were trying to derive strategies to enhance their supply chain across the Asia Pacific region. They were looking for solutions that would help them drive sales, increase customer service in the APAC area, and ultimately penetrate the China market. They came to us for help. We proposed the idea of establishing a distribution hub in Hong Kong. Hong Kong, being one of the most important and convenient gateway into China and its neighbouring countries, has an efficient and well-established logistics infrastructure, and offers simple import and export clearance processes.

Together with our expertise in handling temperature-sensitive products, our know-how in third party logistics and supply chain management, we customized and built a temperature and humidity-controlled distribution hub for them from scratch, one that is specific to the needs and requirements of the client. We offer a complete end-to-end supply chain solution, from organizing the movement of the products from their manufacturing plants in Europe and USA to Hong Kong, to inventory management, fulfilment, and finally distribution to final customers. The temperate range of these products vary from -80c, -20c, +2-8c, to ambient and controlled ambient. This hub currently caters 2500+ SKUs and serve customers all over Asia. With our support in managing the supply chain and our timely delivery of their products to end users, and together with their sales effort, their Asia revenue grew 320% over the past 10 years. In addition, with our support in logistics, they are now one of the fastest growing molecular biotechnology products providers in China. Over the years, we have fought through challenges together with our client, offered alternative solutions as plans and expectations change, and continued to improve relentlessly simply with that one goal in mind, to add value to our client’s business.

How to Meet the Logistics Needs as your eCommerce Business Grows

Like most eCommerce companies, our client started off as a small online retailer selling globally and doing their own fulfilment from their office or small warehouse. As their eCommerce business blossomed, they soon found themselves at that critical point when they could not fulfil their orders in time because they did not have the efficiency in picking and packing their products, not to mention being buried in boxes and boxes of products spread across their limited working area. This hindered their sales growth as they were afraid to promote their products when they realized they could not meet the after-sales logistics demands.

Our client came across our automated eCommerce Fulfilment and Cross-Border Shipping Service and soon discovered that Stork Up, our eCommerce division, is exactly the type of logistics company that can help remove all of this headache away. Not only can we provide automated order-fulfilment service, we also have a basket of various postal and courier cross-border shipping options for our client to select from. They decided to outsource their fulfilment and shipping operations to us so that they can focus their energy and time purely on driving their sales, marketing and product development. Through an easy and quick integration of their Shopify webstore to our online fulfilment platform, our client was able to view the status of their orders, track the orders, view their inventory level and manage the shipping options all under one roof. As they continue to grow, in addition to their B2C orders, we also handle their large B2B shipments via air and ocean freight forwarding method.

With their eCommerce logistics being properly taken care of, our client has become a fast growing car model online retailer, with fans and happy shoppers situated all across the globe.